JB Unlocked Amazon Fire Stick - Fully Loaded

$ 65.00

$ 99.99

JB Amazon Firestick

The Fire stick products are fully loaded with programs that allows you access to tons of content for free. It'll only cost you this one time charge instead of a monthly bill from your cable company. It's an awesome deal and it literally pays for itself with all the content you have access to and the fact that you're not paying monthly for a service.

jailbroken firestick

What is a JB Amazon Fire stick?

Jailbroken Firestick is simply a device that is loaded with programs. These programs that we specifically install allow you access to entertainment content. What you are paying for is the product and installation service we provide to properly install these programs and the tutorials on how to use it. Thereafter, you can access content freely without a monthly bill.

What comes with the JB Firestick?

Amazon Firestick (Loaded)

The product comes with all the original accessories such as a voice remote, battery, charging adapter and wire, and another adapter. The device is brand new and open only once for the programming of the device.

fire-tv-stick-voice-remote-bundle-top-down (1)

    Video Preview

    Some screenshots of what you'll be using

    Cool Right? 

    Seriously, you'll be getting tons of access to entertainment content. You won't be disappointed and either will your wallet!

    For a one time price of $79.99, you get all of this without a monthly payment. It's a no brainer.

    Even more screenshots

    jailbroken firestick for sale

    nickelodeon - jailbroken fire stick

    jailbroken firestick for sale (tv shows)

    Why buy from us?

    Good question. Here are some real good reason why you should!

    • Units are professionally installed with all the latest programs, which is completely fully loaded firestick.
    • We provide you with tutorials on how to use the device and also on any major future updates
    • You can contact our customer support anytime using our live chat system and e-mail.
    • Fast free handling and shipping. Get it within 5-6 days of purchase for free with USPS priority mail!
    • We use PayPal only! If you don't get your product, PayPal is really good about refunding your money. No risk at all and we'll even show you how to open a case in our FAQ section.
    • Specific tutorial sections for customers.
    • We'll save you money with this awesome product.

    Easy Way to Look Up Your Order

    After you placed your order, you can immediately check on the status of your order. Give us about 1-2 days handling time to provide tracking details and you can check it this way as well.

    • Go to the main homepage https://digsmarket.com
    • Select Order Lookup at the menu

    • Enter your email address that you entered when you placed the order
    • Enter the order number
    • Select Find Order

    Access to our Video Tutorials

    We provide you with video tutorials and guides on how to operate your device. Videos are extremely helpful for any individual who aren't too tech savvy. They are easy to follow and available to access anytime. 

    Jailbroken fire tv stick - video tutorials

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What do I need for this device to work?

    • Fast internet connection (at least 5 mbps)
    • TV with and HDMI Port
    • Be able to navigate through menus

    Any there any monthly payments?

    No, it's a one time service charge for installation of the programs onto your newly Jailbroken Firestick. The addons will automatically update but we'll have tutorials for you on how to recover or update your device.

    When will I get my product?

    We ship the product within 1-2 days for handling, then it takes about 2 days for delivery from that point. We use USPS priority mail only and it comes with tracking so that you can track your package once it ships.

    Expect 3-5 days from the day that you purchase your device.

    What programs come with the Jailbroken Firestick?

    • Kodi Krypton (Latest 17.4 Version) - Access to basically everything from movies, tv shows, live tv, sports, kids, fitness and more
    • Mobdro - Great for live TV channels such as ABC, CNN, Discovery, Syfy + more
    • UKAgain - Another alternative program for Live TV
    • Terrarium TV - Awesome for movies and TV shows ( large database)
    • Showbox - Another movie and TV show application, which is great easy one click access
    • DroidBuddy 2 - Program to install even more Jailbroken programs

    Will you provide support?

    Absolutely, you can always message us with live chat via facebook, or email us directly for support. You will also be given access to video tutorials and guides. We try our best to help you out.

    Look for these easy to find buttons on our website. Open them up and contact us with any problems or issues you may have. 


    As long as we've been selling these, you're most likely not going to need a refund just because it's a great investment and it seriously pays for itself anyways.

    However, you can refund the unit within 30 days from the time that the item arrives at your doorstep. The process is easy, just email us for the steps and we'll refund you the money immediately we've inspected the device.

    Here is our return section https://returns.aftership.com/www.digsmarket.com

    Is this site secured?

    Yes, we use the highest SSL Comodo Encryption service for a secure connection to our website.

    We also use PayPal as our main payment processor just because they are great for online transactions. If you don't get your product, you can easily get your money back by opening a case and we'll even show you how because we want you to get your product.

    PayPal has there own secured site to pay on, so you're safe throughout the whole process.