How to Install More Addons 1700+ (Apps) - Jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick


Your Jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick has been programmed to have all the popular addons already installed for movies, TV shows, sports, live channels to even adult content! Your Jailbroken unit comes with a master directory list of over 1700 addons that you can easily find and install in a matter of seconds.

Addons operate just like applications (APP), they a very similar to apps on your phone. You have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube as apps. Addons are created from third party developers.

We will show you how to find and install your addons.

Open up your KODI program on your Fire Stick.

Setting > Application > Manage Installed Application > Kodi > Launch Application

Click on System > Video-addons

 This will bring you the Video Addon screen that will display all of your current addons


Scroll until you see  "Get more..." to leave them to their page or Private. This will take you to the next screen that has over 400+ addons you can install within seconds.

install more addon onto kodi


List of 1700+ add-ons ready to be installed. Click on the add-on you wish to install, click install the addon, which can later be found under your video addons section.

Click on the addon you want to install


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