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Buy a Jailbroken device fully loaded with a software media player and all the popular add-ons all configured. You will have access to a vast amount of content all from your device.

Movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, and much more.

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Your Package Includes

Your Package Includes

The best customer TECH support and product package out there from us. We want you to save you money and even teach you how to use your product!

  • Installation of the latest and greatest addons available on Kodi
  • All Servers updated to ensure you have access to the best quality content
  • Ability to add More Addons easily (Video Instructions)
  • All Addons will update automatically.
  • Latest Version of Kodi installed (Currently Kodi 17.6)
  • Programs other than Kodi that give you access to EXTENSIVE LIVE TV.
  • Easy to use interface as shown in pictures.
  • You simply plug and play.
  • Best Value for your Money
  • Features

    • Movies

      Watch all the popular in demand movies and new releases at the comfort of your home! You will have an endless supply of titles to choose from A to Z. Search for old and new titles easily.

    • TV Shows

      Do you have a favorite TV show? You will have access to all the seasons and new episodes as soon as it airs. There are tons of new and popular shows to choose from as well

    • Live Channels

      Tired of paying high cost for cable channels? You can now have access to all your favorite channels as well ranging from ABC Family, Comedy Central, to even popular movie channels!

    • Sports

      You can access your favorite sports from football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and more using the popular sports add-ons. Watch live events and even past events!

    • Kids Content

      Access to large amount of kid-friendly content ranging from cartoons to animations from popular producers like Disney, Nick, Pixar, Dreamworks and more.

    • Plus More!

      Access to a list of over 1700 install-able add-ons programmed into your device. This list contains a large amount of different category add-ons such as anime, international channels, adult, cartoons, more movies, TV shows and more

    Buy Jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick - Fully Loaded With Kodi 17.6 Movies, Shows, Live TV

    $ 65.00

    $ 99.99


    What is a Jailbroken Fire Stick or Jailbroken Device?

    Jailbroken is a term that apply to units that don't allow third party software. A jailbreak is software manipulation that allows for installation of third party apps. We use that term on our website because its a common search term when looking for units like ours. But, our units are not jailbroken. Amazon and Android software is open source which allows installation of third party applications, therefore we can program these units without any need for jailbreaking.

    Our jailbroken devices has a media player software, which is sideloaded on the device and programmed with third party addons. These third party addons are what allows access to your content.

    What do I need for this to work?

    It is a very easy process to connect the device to your TV and access your Wi-fi network. Once you have that finished, it really is just a plug and play device.

  • Television w/ HDMI Port
  • Wireless High Speed Internet Access
  • Read Our Starter Guide!
  • Can I really access tons of content?

    Absolutely, our jailbroken device will allow you to access large amounts of content. We have a software onto your device only to access content on your own terms.

    Do I need to update the device?

    No, you do not need to update the device. Each time you open your Kodi software. Every add-on will auto-update itself to the latest version, so you don't have to update every add-on manually.

    We do offer instructions on how to perform major updates

    What is included with the purchase?

    You will have a programmed device with media software installed and all the popular add-ons.

  • Jailbroken Device w/ Software Media Player (including popular add-ons)
  • Quick Starter Guide
  • 1 year worth of major updates
  • Refund Policy? Warranty?

    We offer 30 days money back guaranteed on all our products. Once the shipment has been returned, a refund will be issued within 24-48 hours after the time of delivery.

    We offer 1 year worth of warranty just in case anything fails due to manufacturing issues.


    Questions? Need answers?
    Call 1-888-402-8421

    We understand that our loyal customers keep coming back because of our service and customer support. This is our brand and our company, so we make sure our customers are treated with the best service.

    Feel free to call us during our open hours of 10AM-4PM from Monday through Friday, or simply reach out to us using our Live chat service on the corner of the page. You may also reach also via email at anytime.